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The winning prize

The Christmas display really caught us "off guard", we thought that local residents would pop round and enjoy the display with the kids, what we didn't expect was hundreds of people from all around visiting with their kids.

Fortunately, it was spread throughout the day and socially distancing with mask wearing was considerate and accepted.

Competitions were started with the aim to have kids search and find certain Disney characters from outside the shop, those successful adventurers won a price. The adults soon became more competitive than the kids and in response we gave away adult prices ( bottles of wine from our dear neighbour Jeroboams).

The rise of "super finders" would set the bar really high and the whole competition just kept getting bigger!

Tasha wins 3 bottles in an hour!!!!!! bloody KIWIs

Auzzies don't like the Kiwis getting one over them - well done James and family.

Is this the cutest family? the youngest "super finder"

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