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About our company

Based in the heart of Kensington, we have been in the borough since 1987, initially a sole trader, that soon changed to a full blown plumber's merchant serving not only install customers but fellow professionals.

One of our lasting features has been a comprehensive range of plumbing fittings and general supplies. As we undertake all types of plumbing, residential, commercial, industrial and "out of the box" requests, stock has been there to support and develop the business.

We feel strongly about tradition, having came through a traditional apprenticeship plus a further 2yrs embarking on an advanced craft certificate, plumbers really dealt with "all things" water.

That meant roofing, drainage, tiling, irrigation, hot and cold water, recycling, heating - Gas Oil Solid Fuel Solar Electric etc.

We undertake a host of work skill sets, welding - soldering - brazing - bronze welding - lead burning - sheet metal work ( copper, zinc, lead ) 

 slates - marble - paving slabs - acrylic tanking. the list just keeps getting bigger!

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