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Are we competitive? Are we expensive? Do we give value for money?
Are we competitive, not sure what that means, in most peoples mind it means the cheapest, if thats the case......NO
We're incredibly reluctant to cut corners both in skill and material wise, do we, yes but its very rare and with the customers full knowledge!
Are we expensive, sometimes, customers that think we are expensive generally either "belittle" the job (oh, that should only take 5mins), or ask why it "takes so long?", of course everyone is entitled to their opinion
but let me ask you this, if you were going in for heart surgery and was told its going to take 14hrs, would you ask "why it takes so long?" or if you were buying a loved one a gift, would you really look for the cheapest gift you could lay your hands on?
Sometimes: if the work is "drop everything your doing and come now", that will be expensive! or if something is custom made, generally that takes time and thus more expensive.


Standard scheduled callout
Mon - Fri  ~  08:00 - 17:00   -  £45/30min
Emergency callout 
Mon - Fri  ~  08:00 - 22:00
-  £90 / 30min
Fixed price work
Gas Appliance Service (<70kw)
-  £120
Landlords Gas Cert (3app)
CCTV inspection
-  £275
Drain Jetting
-  £250
Mon - Fri  ~  22:01 - 07:59
Sat - Sun  ~  04:01 - 22:00
-  £125 / 30min
Sat - Sun  ~  22:01 - 04:00
-  £145 / 30min

(the above prices exclude VAT / Parking / Rubbish removal)

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